case study

Boxdit helps students move into university easily, simply, affordably and responsibly. It takes the pressure off parents by doing all the work for them and helps unis reduce traffic and pollution on campus.


Packing up and sending your teenagers off to university is an emotional and practical nightmare [as many of us know].

So when we were asked to create the look and feel of a new brand that would make it so much easier for people to move into university, we were all over it.

This brand had to appeal to students moving into halls, those moving out or leaving to come home, their worried parents even the university itself.

Then there was the web build, the marketing strategy, email design, social campaigns, video, radio and print to consider.

A lot to pack in…


  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Copywriting
  • Branding
  • Guidelines
  • Print
  • Social

After our brand immersion session we began a wider research process where we spoke to parents, students and universities. We immediately noticed the rational, emotional and environmental angles we had to address with our branding.

The unis and the students loved how Boxdit was going to take 1,000s of polluting cars off the road. Parents really appreciated the ease of booking, the insurance, the tracking service, flexible pricing and the sheer dependability of the moving process itself.

To reflect all this we came up with a self-contained brand name, strapline, brand colours, brand voice, essence and mission. We then began the process of mapping the content, building and writing the website, creating the uni brochures, the emails, the radio ads and making the videos.


From the brilliant brand name to the design to our marketing strategy, everything you’ve done has gone way beyond my expectations. You’ve made the brand what it is.
Josh Rideout
Founder and CEO